When it comes to our clothes, it can be tricky to find styles that match our personalities as well as our values. This article will highlight five athletic brands that provide sustainable products so you can look fabulous on and off the mat without sacrificing your ideals.

Girlfriend Yoga Collective Activewear

Girlfriend Collective

First on our list is Girlfriend Collective. Girlfriend makes its leggings from recycled post-consumer water bottles. From its inclusive sizing to its use of eco-friendly dyes and materials, there’s just so much to love! Girlfriend Collective also allows you to earn store credit by returning your worn out leggings through their re-girlfriend program. Girlfriend monitors not only the conditions in their final processing steps, but also the conditions in the mills that manufacture their fabrics. Their main factory is SA8000 certified and their fabrics are all Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certified. All of its packaging is plastic free and they offsets the carbon used to transport their products. Finally, their customer service is absolutely baller. If you have any issues, you can count on a real person to answer your questions.

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Next up is Pact activewear. 100% of pact’s clothing is made with either organic cotton or recycled nylon and is made in a fair-trade facility. They also use carbon-offset shipping and use mindful packaging to limit their carbon footprint. Pact carries yoga pants, t-shirts and bras as well as kids clothing, underwear, socks, and more. Their fabric is super soft and stretchy, plus their leggings have POCKETS! Pact is definitely the most affordable brand amongst our picks with leggings starting at $35.

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This is not the first company people think of when they think yoga pants. However, Patagonia makes sturdy, sustainable, and ethically made activewear for the conscious yogi. While only 83% of Patagonia’s clothing is fair-trade certified, owner Yvon Chouinard has expressed his intention to bring all of his products up to fair-trade standards as quickly as possible. Patagonia still monitors the conditions of all of its factories and monitors its supply chain. Patagonia uses recycled and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton when possible and is increasing the percentage of recycled and organic content each season. Most importantly, they are transparent about where they need to improve and are making concrete steps to move towards a fully sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical standard.

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Prana has been in the game for a long time. Their mantra is “clothing for positive change.” While Prana’s manufacturing processes aren’t perfect, they are striving to be better at every step. You can also search their clothing based on sustainability. They offer clothing cut and sewn in fair-trade certified factories and use eco-friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton. Again, while their model isn’t perfect, they are transparent about where they need improvement and have shown a dedication to raising their standards.

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Hyde’s organic athletic wear is made right here in the USA. While we cannot find any evidence that they monitor their supply chain, the fact that they make their clothing domestically counts a lot. They use 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton and use the Bluesign system to sustainably dye their fabrics in a way that doesn’t harm people or the planet. The thing we love most about Hyde is the variety in the styles they carry. You get the creativity found with larger brands like lululemon without all of the human rights violations.

Shop Hyde Here

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